AAPL Pty Ltd


Company Background

Australian Arrow Pty. Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Yazaki Corporation in Japan, one of the world's largest makers of automotive electronics, instrumentation and wiring harnesses. Yazaki has redefined what it means to be globally competitive.
With more than 170 companies and a workforce of over 160,000 people and a turnover in excess of US$11 billion, Yazaki Corporation has the resources and flexibility to successfully meet the specific needs of people in 39 countries and 437 locations.
All of whom benefit from a market strength founded on the company's policy of QCDTAE "Best in Class" Quality, Cost effectiveness, on time Delivery, state of the art Technology, Best Administration and Leader in Environment and Safety.
Working closely with local expertise, Yazaki brings these vital assets to the service of its customers wherever it operates.
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