Water and Health Hazards

It is a well-known fact that water after air is the most important thing in the life of any person. This is in fact due to the wide range of functions and importance it wields. While water is most commonly drunk, it has many essential health benefits among which includes protection of the heart if taken in large quantity preventing any form of heart attacks, gives boost to the brain (which is the center of control of every thing that takes place in our bodies) because water provides the brain with the much-needed oxygen to perform at optimum levels.Water helps save money because soft drinks are becoming increasingly expensive at the restaurants and bars while water provides a cost-saving alternative. Water helps increase a person’s metabolic rate thereby helping the body to burn fats hence reducing a reasonable amount of weight. Water can also help to keep one alert and active during the day as dehydration (deficiency of water) causes fatigue.

The wide variety of functions water performs makes it an indispensable part of our well-being thus special care has to be taken to ensure that the water we take is well treated to ensure that we stay healthy and disease-free. As a result, the importance of water treatment services can not be over-exaggerated. Dirty and untreated water can definitely make a person sick and highly unhealthy. Polluted water makes one ill in many ways apart from drinking in itself, swimming in an unclean water can also result in the diseases that accompany unclean water. Some of these diseases include vomiting or diarrhea, a sick stomach, skin rashes causing unbearable discomfort.Only a few organisations research water pollution and resources like the one in Melbourne at UniMelb. Cancer such as leukemia can happen after drinking untreated water for a long period of time. Untreated water also hampers reproductive capabilities leading to infertility and inability to bear children. Since clean water is needed to keep the brain active and functioning at all times, unclean water causes tremendous developmental problems leading to many forms of learning disabilities.

Water offers many uses in the household and the industry and in most cases, the already used water in industries need treatment to render them adequately fit for re-use or disposal. Untreated water entering an industrial plant needs treatment to perfectly meet the tight quality specifications to be of use in specific industrial processes to ensure that the final consumers do not become victims of untreated and unfit water. Industrial water treatment encompasses a wide range of aspects including- waste water treatment, boiler water treatment, effluent systems (optimize chemical usage, effluent flow rates and off-site treatment costs), influent systems (optimize the water purification system through chemical enhancement), pretreatment (reduce costs by minimizing filtration membrane cleaning and replacement, water reuse (reduce raw water and sewer costs and minimize impact on the environment) and cooling water treatment services.
Industrial water treatment services have a mandate of solving four major problems which involve the scaling, corrosion, microbial activity and disposal of residual waste water. Water treatment aims to optimize most water-based industrial processes such as heating, cooling, processing, cleaning, and rinsing so that operating costs and risks are reduced. A poor treatment of water lets water get tucked within the surfaces of pipes and vessels that provide their pathways
Hence, it is essential that a good water treatment service is made available especially in industries. Some top water treatment services in Melbourne, Australia help to provide the man power, equipment, tools, materials, and supervision required to process your facility. They provide and maintain all types of facilities including influent boiler water and drinking water systems to large integrated waste water treatment facilities within larger manufacturing environments in industries.
One of these companies is MAK WATER- located in pilbara, western Australia. It is a global facility management company in charge of running Rio Tinto’s Pilbara iron ore camps, needed to quickly replace the existing potable water treatment plant at Mesa A village. MAK water is a water treatment reliability and maintenance specialist that has developed into a leading Australian water treatments systems manufacturer, service and maintenance provider. They also offer a wide range of standard and well customized water, industrial waste water and sewage treatment solutions to all industrial sectors.
Another water treatment service company is hydrodyne engineering. They have a believe that the ability to scree large debris and fine particles is vitally important in protecting a municipality’s sophisticated water treatment process and that the preliminary treatment of surface waters through the utilization of coarse and fine screening provides an effective system in the protection of pumps, filters, membranes and other downstream equipment. The robust design of their coarse screening systems gives customer’s peace of mind in knowing that they will capture the large debris without fear of damaging the equipment.
Refresh pure water is another top water treatment service company in Australia, offering complete drinking water solutions- bottled water, water filters and purifiers. Its main business is bottled water and they are Australia’s largest producer of distilled water with a capacity to produce more than 10,000 liters of distilled water per hour.
Another top-rated water treatment service company in Australia is WTS company. WTS provides the manpower, equipment, tools, materials and supervision required to process industrial facilities. They operate and maintain all types of facilities including influent boiler water and drinking water systems to large integrated waste water treatment facilities within larger manufacturing environments.

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