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Top 10 Places to Buy Furniture in Melbourne

Today, owning a home is great. However, owning a beautiful home is the most magnificent treasure you can have. Unlike in the past where owning a house was just for the sake of having a roof over one’s head, today the narrative has changed. Having beautiful homes has become highly competitive and fashionable. Decorating your home, therefore, and having high-end furniture is not a choice, but something that should be at the helm of your to-do list, if you care about being modern.
Whether you are building a new home, or you have one that has been in use for decades, you need to find time and inspiration to add a sense of class with the best furniture in the market.
Are you based in Melbourne? Are you perplexed by numerous options, or don’t you know where you can source all your new furniture for your home? Sit back, relax, and stop worrying. Through intensive research, we have identified the top 10 places to buy furniture in Melbourne. After reading the list, all you will need to do is to select one that you feel will work best for your home, walk in, and get the very best items that will make your home the most adorable art piece in the neighbourhood.

1. Office Plus Furniture

Office Plus Furniture is a commercial and home office furniture store where everything is always in plenty. It doesn’t matter the complexity of the office furniture you need, you will always get whatever you want, whenever you want it. What sets Office Plus Furniture ahead of the competitors is it’s furniture’s high quality, amazing fitout service and super-affordable rates. With a perfect blend of quality and affordability, Office Plus Furniture wins the list of our top 10 places where you can buy furniture in Melbourne.

2. Living Edge

If you are looking for high-end and super-quality furniture for your home, Living Edge store, located on 132A Bridge Road, Richmond, Melbourne is the ideal one stop shop for you. What you can expect here are outstanding accent products that you cannot find anywhere else in the market. Whether you are looking for items made from chick fibreglass shell, top-notch stretch fabric, or original leather, you will get them all at Living Edge.
What makes this store even more interesting is the fact that you can get both antique and contemporary furniture. Some of their products have also been used in the best places in the world such as the White House in the United States, and St. Pauls Cathedral in London.

3. Great Dane

This is a furniture store where you can get whatever furniture you believe will suit all your personal needs and preferences. What this place is known for is its ability to develop products with the best finishes, while assuring maximum durability at the same time.
Regardless of the environment surrounding your indoor or outdoor space, you will get a piece of furniture that blends with it at Great Dane. The store makes use of the best materials such as animal products, marble, and wood.

With 15 years of industry experience, this is one furniture store that will assure you nothing but the best. It is located along 175 street, Fitzroy, Melbourne.

4. Matt Blatt

Ever heard of Matt Blatt? Well, this is a store that was established many years ago and has remained family owned ever since. It started in Marrickville, Sydney, as a small showroom that has today grown into one of the most covetable furniture brands in Australia.
Whether you are looking for something fresh, dull, or unbelievable, you will certainly get it at Matt Blatt. What will wow you the most when you visit this store is the range of products available. You might end up getting confused and even changing your initial plans for something bigger and better!
The store is located along 587-593 Church Street, Richmond, Melbourne.


If you are looking for cool and idiosyncratic furniture for your home, then this store located along 522 Church Street, Richmond, Melbourne is the place to be. This is an Australian family owned company that was founded over three decades ago and is today run by Mike and Nick Garnham, sons of the founder. Jardan is all about curb appeal and simplicity; thus regardless of your budget, you will always get something amazing specially made for you.

6. Domayne

When it comes to interior décor, Domayne is doubtlessly the king. The store is located at 210 Landsdale St, Melbourne, and it’s a place where you can fulfil all your furniture needs. Whatever room you want to furnish, you will never fall short of alternatives at Domayne. With a broad range of designs and styles, you can be sure you will get whatever you need within your budget.

7. Coco Republic

When it comes to furniture, the Coco Republic is the home of luxury and style. This is an upmarket store that offers all types of elegant furniture that suit every room within a modern house. Each piece here is beautifully designed with super-quality materials that assure users of functionality and utmost durability.
This store is located at 500 church street, Richmond, Melbourne.

8. Space

This is a store that brings out the actual definitions of luxury, comfort and modernity. It is conveniently located along 629 Church Street, Richmond, Melbourne. Regardless of the type and style of your home, you will always find something at one of Space’s showroom. And an important thing to remember – you will not have to break your bank at Space. Furniture is relatively affordable.

9. West Elm

If your goal is to have a super-modern home that will set an example for others to follow, start your journey at West Elm. The pieces in this place are characterized by trendy finishes, artistic potential, and incredible pop and colour which is ideal for any home. It is located along 464 Chapel Street, South Yarra, Melbourne.

10. Meizai

This is indeed one of Melbourne’s hidden Gems. It is one place you need to unleash and grab furniture with a modern flair and trendy designs. This store collaborates with local and international designers to create furniture that is not only catchy but also unique to your home. It is located along 658 Church Street, Richmond, Melbourne.
If you need the best furniture for your home, then you have no option but to visit the best dealers. Buying furniture from any of the above stores in Melbourne will be one of the best decisions you can make for your home.

Other than that it is also a big task to find perfect fireplaces to match your furniture’s decor.

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