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AGILE Project Management Certification in Australia

AGILE Project Management represents an approach developed by the Agile Business consortium and the APMG. It is a derivative of the DSDM project framework designed for supporting AgilePM foundation as well as Practitioner certification programs offered by APMG. At times, the agile projects can encounter high risks of budget overruns and delay on account of the informal project processes employed. AgilePM, therefore, offers a combination of the Agile Project Framework of DSDM and the Agile’s own way of work. This combination integrates the principles, philosophy, roles, processes, practices and products of DSDM to render a flexible management approach for the agile projects. Many change management training and certification programs introduce proven and recognised models and approaches for planning and implementing change.

Incumbents have the option of choosing various Agile certification programs according to their specific needs to accelerate their career path. Some of your options include:-

Agile PM Foundation

This is typically a very short duration training course spread over 5 days or less depending on the institute you choose to work with and time available at your disposal. This program generally provides you with the various components of Agile.
Exam format for the AgilePM Foundation certification

The exam format for this certification at the end of the training has the following components:-

50 questions with multiple choice
50% marks required for a pass
40 minutes allowed for completion
Closed book
Syllabus for Agile PM Practitioner
This is again a program lasting a maximum of 5 days and aimed at preparing participants for the Practitioner certification. The syllabus includes simple examination questions, discussion and review sessions focused on understanding and refining Agile PM and the way it is applied to a specific scenario.

Exam format

The Practitioner exam also follows nearly the same format as that of the foundation exam with objective type questions and a 50% minimum marks required for a pass. The duration, however, is 2.5 hours and is an Open book exam where you are permitted to use the official Agile PM manual alone.

How do you benefit from these courses?

The Agile project management certification courses will help individuals and organizations with the following among other benefits:-
Enhanced ability to provide quick response in a business environment that is ever changing
Customer oriented and collaborative approach which supports product development in consonance with the real needs of the business
Guidance for facilitating timely delivery while protecting the quality of solutions provided
Improved control and tracking of projects
Capability to reduce the risk of building wrong solutions

What pre-requisites are needed

For the Agile foundation certification/training programs, no pre-requisites are prescribed though familiarity with the common concepts of project management would be helpful. For the practitioner certification, however, you should have one of the following certifications:-
Agile PM foundation
DSDM Foundation
DSDM Agile Professional/DSDM Advanced practitioner
Now let us turn to some of the top institutes that offer different AGILE project management certifications in Australia.

Prince 2 is in the forefront of project management certification and training. Established in 2002, Prince 2 has enjoyed a successful and long history of certifying professional in various project management modules assisting public and private organizations to enhance their capability in managing and governing change initiatives. Prince 2 has provided training to several thousand professionals as well as organizations in applying best in practice methodologies. Put together, these achievements have helped Prince 2 to be reckoned as a premium training provider in the area of project management and enjoy significant presence across 20 countries. Prince2 provides in-house training in all major cities of Australia including Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Hobart and Darwin.


Project management training offered by PM partners are available in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, UK, and Singapore.
PM-partners have a successful history of over 2 decades working with public and private sector organizations and providing project management training to hundreds of professionals as well as organizations. PM partners also provide resourcing, advisory, delivery and capability services through experienced personnel and are supported by long-term investments in assets, tools, and solutions. has been at the forefront of providing quality training services for the government as well as businesses for over 2 decades. Alctraining focuses on best frameworks and practice methods which help in ensuring that the participants get the most out of their investment. Alctraining offers trainings courses across Australia with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Kula Lumpur and has trained close to 50,000 people so far. brings a successful history of over 2 decades providing a wide range of training courses and focuses on connecting incumbents with the most appropriate courses to match the career goals of each aspirant. Over 200,000 incumbents have already benefited from Seeklearning’s wide-ranging experience and expertise. As a part of the renowned SEEK family, SEEK learning also has access to industry and job insights like nobody else. With such in-depth understanding of the employment market, SEEK learning has positioned itself as the go-to destination for your training needs across a wide spectrum of professions and callings.

Project lane-ways

Project lane-ways is another reputed institution offering professional training and certification in AGILE project management and change management. Services of Project Lane-ways is available across Australia, New Zealand and globally, while it is headquartered in Melbourne. Project lane-ways also offers multiple money-back guarantees that can come in handy if you have serious challenges preventing you from taking up the training that you have already enrolled for.

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